Mýrmann safnahúsið

January 2014

Fresh Winds in Garður – ART Festival
The opening will be on January 18th

October 2013

The book “The Nerdrum School” was published  in October 2013 in which Mýrmann is one of the students represented.

The_Nerdrum school

August 24th – September 27th 2013

Group exhibition from artists on at Safnahúsið in Ísafjörður.  The exhibition theme is BLUE.

March 28th – March 31th 2013

Westfjord Artfest  2013

Group exhibition from artists on Norska bakaríið  silfurgötu 5. Ísafirði

October 19th – October 21th 2012


Group exhibition from artists on at the 19th floor at höfðatorg (105 Rvk) open From friday 19:00

20th and 21th. open from 13:00 – 18:00

April 6th – April 7th 2012

Westfjord Artfest

Group exhibition from artists on at rögnvaldarsal, edinborgarhúsinu Ísafirði.  Open. 12.00 – 18.00.

March 10th – March 25th 2012

Solo exhibition at Reykjavík Art Gallery, Skúlagata 30.

November 20th – December 18th 2011


Group exhibition from artists on
The first day of opening will be on the 20th of november at 5pm.
Open thursdays – sundays from 1pm – 5pm.

Ágúst (culture night in Rvk)2011.
A group exhibition with Muses gallery at Bakkaskemma/Grandagarði 16.  Open from noon til evening.

January – June 2011  Mýrmann will be  studying in Norway with the  great  figurative painter  Odd Nerdrum.

Waf-Westfjord Artfest. 22.-23. April 2011.
A Muses group exhibition at Rögnvaldarsalur/Edinborgarhúsið og Sæfari/suðurtangi.

Private Exhibitions

Various private exhibitions from 2000 – 2010.

June 2000 at Reykjavik City Hall

Other projects

2007 – Artwork on music album “Sea Son” by Magnús Þór Sigmundsson